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This kit enables the wireless control of lighting, fans, and other loads over long distances or through concrete and steel. Just connect the switch module to a conventional switch mechanism and wire in the receiver to the load. The transmitters are digitally paired to the receiver which can switch loads up to 500 watts. The load is toggled each time the switch operates allowing for 2-way, 3-way or higher configurations. The receiver fits comfortably in wall or ceiling spaces and can be wired in with an existing light switch.

For use with a conventional light switch (sold by 3rd party wholesalers, Clipsal, HPM etc). Kit comes with a Wireless Switch Module (transmitter) and Lighting Controller (receiver). All switches in this pack will only operate the included controller. No pairing or programming is necessary.

Long Range Wireless Receiver (controls the load)
Long Range Wireless Switch Modules(es) (AAAA batteries included)

*New receiver is smaller than one shown in video above (see specs)

Tech Specs
Voltage 100-250VAC 50Hz
Maximum Load 500W
Receiver Dimensions 73mm x 43mm x 26mm
Switch Module Dimensions 59mm x 20mm x 18mm
Wireless Range 300+ meters (915 MHz)
Battery Life 5 years (2x AAAA)