How do two-way and multi-way switches work?

When multiple transmitters (switches) are included in a kit, each switch is able to toggle the state of the receiver unit (on/off). Each switch needs to be in range of the receiver only – the transmitters do not need to be in range of each other.

How long will the batteries last?

Switch Type Battery Type Milliampere Hours Battery Life

Switch Module (all versions)

2x Energizer AAAA

550 mAh

5 years

Surface Mount Switch

1x Energizer CR2032

225 mAh

7-8 years

We only use Energizer brand batteries to ensure that they perform as advertised. The batteries used in the slimmer surface mount switches are CR2032 coin cells. All switch modules use AAAA type batteries . The lifetime of all batteries used is near or equal to the shelf life of the battery. The CR2032 type batteries last the longest despite less capacity due to their superior shelf life.

Will the RF transmissions cause interference with my other home devices?

No, the switches are radio silent until they are flicked on/off. The radio signal takes approximately two one-thousandths of a second to complete. The standard range transmitters operate in the 2.4GHz band supporting multiple devices with frequency hopping to avoid interference.

Do the products meet the required approvals?

Yes, GEM products meet all applicable standards for Australia and New Zealand. We are an ERAC registered responsible supplier.

What is the warranty term for these products?

All items have a 2 year replacement warranty.

Where are these products made?

All GEM products are designed in New Zealand for the Australian and New Zealand market. Printed circuit board assembly takes place in Shenzhen, China. In Auckland, all products undergo final assembly, programming and testing.

What type of lighting can I use?

Our receiver (lighting controller) is compatible with incandescent, fluorescent, and LED type lighting. The receiver can also be used to switch fans, external contactors, and other relays.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship via DHL Express International.

Do you allow pickups?

No, but we can provide same-day shipping to Auckland customers ordering before midday.

What are the typical delivery times in New Zealand?

Destination Same-day* Overnight Standard

Auckland (post code 0900 – 2700)

Same day before 8pm

1-2 days

2-4 days

All of NZ (non-rural)


1-2 days

2-4 days

Rural NZ


1-3 days

2-5 days

*By special request

What are the typical delivery times to Australia?

Destination Express DHL

Greater Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

1–3 business days

Tasmania and outside main centres

3-6 business days

Western Australia

3-6 business days