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1. How do two-way and multi-way switches work?
Making a two-way or multi-way switch is very easy. Follow the simple instructions included with the products. No programming or technical knowledge required. The switches can be un-paired and re-paired to the units at any time.

The systems flexibility allows you to have multiple switches in a room.

2. How long will the battery last?

The batteries used in our switches are CR2032 coin cells. Even as the battery voltage decreases and the internal resistance rises over time they will last for many years (normal use). This is near to or equal with the shelf life of the battery.

3. Will the radio transmissions cause interference with my other home devices?
No, the switches are radio silent until they are flicked on/off. The radio signal takes approximately two one-thousandths of a second to complete. They operate in the 2.4GHz band which supports many devices using frequency hopping to avoid interference.

4. Do the products meet the required approvals?
GEM Products meet all applicable standards for Australia and New Zealand.

5. Do I need an electrician to install these products?
A registered electrician is required to install the Wireless Switch Controllers (usually located in the ceiling cavity). An electrician is not required to install the wireless switches or the Internet bridge.

6. What is the warranty for these products?
All items have a 1 year replacement warranty.

7. Where are these products made?
GEM products are manufactured in China.

8. Do you supply multi-gang switches?
Yes, the Switch Modules can be attached to multiple gangs and the Surface Mount Switches are up to 3-gang. In a normal system a multi-gang switch minimises the amount of cable needed. Because our switches are wireless and can be placed anywhere there is less of a need for multi-gang switches (i.e. spread them around the room to more convenient places).

9. Will the controllers work with fluorescent lights?

Yes, the on/off controller will work with CFLs and troffer tubes.