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Surface Mount Switch Kit - Long Range

Surface Mount Switch Kit - Long Range

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Meet the Surface Mount Switch - Long Range, an enclosed wireless switch with push-button operation. This kit offers an easy, non-invasive way to add a switch to your room. Simply install the receiver and mount the switch wherever it suits you best. With a faceplate design familiar across Australia and New Zealand, the Surface Mount Switch blends seamlessly into the aesthetics of modern homes. This long-range version utilises Semtech's advanced LoRa modulation technology allowing control at distances of over 300 meters.

Quick Specs

Receiver supply
100-240VAC 50Hz
Maximum load 500W
Receiver dimensions 73mm x 43mm x 26mm
Switch dimensions 120mm x 78mm x 10mm
Wireless range 300+ meters (915MHz)
Battery life 6-7 years (CR2032)

Inside the box, you will find:

  • Wireless Receiver with integrated relay.
  • Wireless Surface Mount Switch including battery.
  • A Wiring Guide and Installation Instructions.

Installing the Surface Mount Switch Kit is a breeze. Just install the receiver unit (controls the lights using an internal relay) in accordance with your wiring setup – check the resources tab – then place the Surface Mount Switch anywhere within range inside your home. Pull the battery tab isolator to start using the wireless switch.

Quick tip: If you already have one existing physical switch and wish to use this kit to add an additional switch to your room, you only require a 1-switch kit. See how here.

If you opt to use the receiver as a standalone unit, it should be wired directly to the electrical load, like your lights, and the power source. This setup allows you to control the electrical load using only the wireless switch modules.

The Surface Mount Switch Kit is user-friendly and easy to set up. It does not require Wi-Fi, and the transmitter and receiver come pre-paired for your convenience. Follow the provided wiring diagram, and you'll have everything ready straight out of the box.

Multi-way Switching
Order multiple switches in a kit for the ease of multi-way switching. Control your lights from multiple points in the room or multiple points in your home. It's perfect for maximising convenience inside a room. Or for managing outdoor lighting and shared corridors.

Wireless Range
The kit's wireless range, tested in an urban environment, has demonstrated impressive reach, managing to operate at over 300 meters through walls and other obstacles. We believe in presenting real-world performance, not just inflated manufacturer claims.

Battery Life
One of the key features of our wireless product is its impressive battery life. The switch module utilises a LoRa transceiver with ultra-low power consumption. This leads to an effective battery life that lasts approximately as long as the shelf life of the batteries—around seven years. You can count on our wireless switching kit for long-lasting performance without the need for frequent battery replacements.

The risk of interference from other equipment is minimal with our wireless switching kit. The switch module employs frequency hopping technology to minimise interference, ensuring a reliable signal. Plus, each kit is digitally paired, allowing you to use multiple kits in close proximity without any interference.

The GEM Surface Mount Switch Kit is designed and assembled in New Zealand. The product complies with the relevant AS/NZS standards and is fit for sale in Australia and New Zealand. All GEM products have a 2 year replacement warranty.

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Customer Reviews

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Rohan S.
Surface Mount Switch Kit - Long Range

Unbelievable product, worked an absolute treat and the fact it matches the Clipsal iconic was an added bonus!

Loretta R.

Perfect from delivery to install

Stephen B.
Great Product

Product delivered without delay. Switch functions as described, very happy with this product.

Duncan F.
Good product

Great product! Worked well. Awesome that it uses 300 series cover plates.

Charlie S.

did everything as advertised