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Automation Switch Kit
Automation Switch Kit
Automation Switch Kit
Automation Switch Kit
Automation Switch Kit
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Alexa Light Off
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Automation Switch Kit

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This kit operates similarly to our standard wireless switch module and receiver with the added feature of home automation controls via the free Smart Life App and Amazon Alexa.


  • Smartphone app shows which lights are on.
  • Amazon Echo or Alexa App Voice-based control as well as grouped commands like "turn off all lights".
  • Manual switch states are reported to the app.
  • Time-of-day, day-of-week scheduling.
  • Location geofencing - for example, have your outdoor lights come on as you arrive home at night. (uses your smartphone's location)
  • Sunrise/Sunset based automations.
  • Weather-based automation if you'd like to control something other than lighting (uses weather data for your set location).


  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi based - uses your wireless access point or router for connectivity.
  • Manual control inputs are reported to the app.
  • Lighting state ON/OFF is visible from app.
  • 500W maximum load.
  • 220-240VAC. 50 Hz.

To view the installation instructions, click here.


  1. Can I use regular switch mechanisms with this kit?
    Yes, the included Switch Module connects to the back of an ordinary light switch mechanism. 1-way kits include one Switch Module, 2-way kits two Switch modules etc.
  2. When I use the light switch to turn on the lights does it report the change to the app?
    Yes, the state of the lights is reported to the app within 1-10 seconds. You can see which lighting zones are on in your home by looking at the app.
  3. Do I need to use an Amazon Echo smart speaker?
    No, an Amazon Echo is not required to run the system - you can still use the Alexa App on a phone and make use of the other home automation features.
  4. How far away from my WiFi router can this be?
    If you have reasonable WiFi coverage in a room you can expect the kit to work without issue. If the WiFi signal is weak it may be advantageous to install a WiFi repeater or extender (sold by third party).
  5. How do I input the WiFi password into the device?
    The device is setup using the Smart Life app which guides your through the process.
  6. Do I need a Hub or Bridge device?
    No, each unit maintains it's own connection to WiFi.

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Stephen C.
Great product

Excellent quality and works faultlessly from one end of the house to the other, including through several brick walls. Very impressed with the switches and Gem’s customer support.