Automation Switch Kit
Automation Switch Kit
Automation Switch Kit
Automation Switch Kit
Automation Switch Kit
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Automation Switch Kit

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This kit operates similarly to our standard wireless switch module and receiver with the added feature of home automation controls via the free Smart Life App and Amazon Alexa.


  • Smartphone app shows which lights are on.
  • Amazon Echo or Alexa App Voice-based control as well as grouped commands like "turn off all lights".
  • Manual switch states are reported to the app.
  • Time-of-day, day-of-week scheduling.
  • Location geofencing - for example, have your outdoor lights come on as you arrive home at night. (uses your smartphone's location)
  • Sunrise/Sunset based automations.
  • Weather-based automation if you'd like to control something other than lighting (uses weather data for your set location).


  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi based - uses your wireless access point or router for connectivity.
  • Manual control inputs are reported to the app.
  • Lighting state ON/OFF is visible from app.
  • 500W maximum load.
  • 220-240VAC. 50 Hz.

To view the installation instructions, click here.


  1. Can I use regular switch mechanisms with this kit?
    Yes, the included Switch Module connects to the back of an ordinary light switch mechanism. 1-way kits include one Switch Module, 2-way kits two Switch modules etc.
  2. When I use the light switch to turn on the lights does it report the change to the app?
    Yes, the state of the lights is reported to the app within 1-10 seconds. You can see which lighting zones are on in your home by looking at the app.
  3. Do I need to use an Amazon Echo smart speaker?
    No, an Amazon Echo is not required to run the system - you can still use the Alexa App on a phone and make use of the other home automation features.
  4. How far away from my WiFi router can this be?
    If you have reasonable WiFi coverage in a room you can expect the kit to work without issue. If the WiFi signal is weak it may be advantageous to install a WiFi repeater or extender (sold by third party).
  5. How do I input the WiFi password into the device?
    The device is setup using the Smart Life app which guides your through the process.
  6. Do I need a Hub or Bridge device?
    No, each unit maintains it's own connection to WiFi.

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